Bradley Lane - Skilled Litigation Practitioner and Endurance Athlete
Data-Driven Business Acumen Tempered by a Proclivity for Legal Scholarship
Bradley E. Lane, Esq.
"Data-Driven Business Acumen Tempered by a Proclivity for Legal Scholarship"



He's an experienced project manager-turned litigation practitioner with experience in all stages of criminal litigation.  Although He hails from Southern California, He was educated at the University of California, Davis, in the field of Psychology with an emphasis in Cognitive Neuroscience.  He holds a Juris Doctorate from The American University Washington College of Law with an emphasis in Litigation, Criminal Law, and substantive Maritime Law.  He is admitted to the practice in the Colorado Supreme Court, his license is "pending" admission to practice in the District of Columbia Court of Appeals as well as before the Washington state Supreme Court, and his exam score is portable to 25 other jurisdictions.

If there's one aspect of Bradley's passion which remains a "ribbon" throughout his career, it's his ability to analyze project outputs and to hit milestones while making longitudinal adjustments to create new goals thus increasing efficiency and optimizing returns.  Bradley's teams have stood witness to this since his beginnings in the systems integration industry where he piloted shrink reduction initiatives and increased project margins through simple labor, procurement, and supply chain analytics.  Throughout his career, it has been a paramount objective to interface with clients in addressing their needs prior to execution as well as adjusting project parameters to meet their expectations during any project life cycle.  This has always gone hand-in-hand with assisting his contemporaries with ancillary client administration issues and managing new business model development, forecasting results, and evaluating performance in an effort to help foster innovation in furtherance of potential revenue channels.

As a technically savvy and analytically-minded individual with an educational history in both qualitative and quantitative research methodology, Bradley endeavors to further educate himself and to continue traveling while sharing in the free exchange of ideas, thereby becoming more knowledgeable and effective in the field.


Recreationally, Bradley can't get enough of the outdoors.  As an obsessive minimalist ultrarunner and endurance athlete, he has finished numerous trail races of various distances including those in great excess of the standard 26.2 mile marathon, three endurance challenges exceeding 50 miles, and the infamous Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim.  You can follow his exploits on social media via his alias the #MountainMarauder.

Bradley is an official Ambassador for Altrarunning footwear, Health Warrior, WiiVV insoles, and iRun4Ultra.  He also uses Injinji Socks, Salomon Hydration systems, Buff Headwear, Petzl illumination systems, and various nutritional supplements including Big Sur Bar, Boom Nutrition, and good old fashion Gatorade.  He is an active member of the famous Virginia Happy Trail Running Club as well as the DC Capital Striders Trail running Division where he sits on the board of directors.  Feel free to contact Bradley for more information.

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