Bradley LaneSep 11, 2015


As the first entry of the "Official Mountain Marauder Blog", I should preface the foregoing with a disclaimer in full candor.  This is not my first blog.  I used to host a blog on a previous iteration of my website ten years ago.  Over time, it became more of a public airing of grievances than anything else.  This blog seeks to be starkly distinct this time around.  I will endeavor to maintain this medium as a conduit through which I can address the import of certain facets of my training regimen.  Additionally, I will strive to inject my own personal experience and philosophy into each topic; hopefully tempering what would otherwise purport to be some authoritative instructional guide to trail running.  That said, I am not a professional athlete and I don't purport to be the definitive authority on all things running.  I do, however, know what has worked for me and what contributes to the great adventures that I've had as well as the small success that I've achieved thus far.  I plan to document some of these adventures both scholastically and visually (by means of photography), here as well.  I hope it’s useful and, at the very least, entertaining.