Bradley E. Lane Bradley E. Lane I'm a native of Southern California who's constantly striving to better myself. I'm an avid long-distance backpacker, wilderness survival instructor, and an obsessive long-distance minimalist runner. Although I was born in North Hollywood and raised in Burbank, CA, I was educated at the University of CA-Davis in the field of Psychophysiology and Cognitive Neuroscience. More recently I'm a Juris Doctoral Candidate and I have various CA P.O.S.T certifications. If there's one aspect of my passion which remains a "ribbon" throughout my career, it's my ability to analyze project outputs and to hit milestones while making longitudinal adjustments to create new goals thus increasing efficiency and optimizing returns. My teams have stood witness to this from my beginnings in the systems integration industry where I piloted shrink reduction initiatives and increased project margins through simple labor, procurement, and supply chain analytics. It has been a paramount objective to interface with clients in addressing their needs prior to execution as well as adjusting project parameters to meet their expectations during the project life cycle. This has always gone hand-in-hand with assisting my contemporaries with account administration and managing new business model development, forecasting results, and evaluating performance in an effort to help foster innovation in furtherance of potential revenue channels. As a technically savvy and analytically-minded individual with an educational history in statistics and research methodology, I endeavor to further educate myself and continue traveling, while sharing in the free exchange of ideas, thus making me more knowledgeable and effective in the field. -->